Best Places to Stay in Myanmar

Discover the best places to stay in Myanmar – the formerly Burma. From bustling Yangon to misty Bagan, discover UNESCO-listed temples, charming towns and natural wonders.

Feel Myanmar Food restaurant provides a wonderful original local cuisine in an atmosphere with high ceilings. It also earns the faith and trust of customers due to its great service quality.

Monsoon Restaurant

When Monsoon swept into Babylon in February, it drew a crowd of diners with its Asian-fusion cuisine and attention-grabbing good looks. Located in a 1920s bank building, it features a pulsing bar, a staircase to loftlike balcony dining rooms, and a sedate main-floor dining room with banquette seating. It also has a glassed-in kitchen where you can watch the chefs at work.

The restaurant’s menu has a Vietnamese influence, but it takes Vietnamese food to a whole new level. It offers a variety of dishes, such as prawns wrapped in wild betel leaves and chicken satay. It also has a large wine collection, which is perfect for pairing with the restaurant’s dishes.

The rooms are cozy and have a native design. They are also very spacious for family or groups. They also serve a free breakfast that includes breads that are handmade. The only downside is that their beach area is packed with boats since it’s near the port.

50th Street Restaurant

Whether you’re looking to cycle between Bagan’s thousands of temples or to soar amongst the misty plains on an unforgettable hot air balloon ride, Myanmar is undoubtedly one of our favourite places to stay in Asia. It’s a land of fable and fabulous hospitality that promises a trip like no other.

A stunning new restaurant on E 50th Street is putting the magic back into Midtown East. Located in the deco-inspired space that was once the drab-brown Maloney & Porcelli, the new Monterey’s pretty palette and high-energy American menu have been luring in even the most committed downtown types. This is a fun, playful place to eat, drink and play. Suitable for all ages, the kids can enjoy their own bar and games room while the adults can enjoy dinner and drinks with friends.

Feel Myanmar Food Restaurant

Feel Myanmar Food Restaurant is a huge chain in Yangon offering a wide selection of local dishes. Its one branch in Bangkok is popular with members of the Myanmar diaspora as well as Thai locals. It’s also a good choice for foreign travellers wanting to try authentic Myanmar cuisine.

The food is very authentic and tasty. The menu has a lot of variety and is very affordable. They also serve a range of desserts and drinks. The service is excellent and the place is clean. It’s best to come in a group of friends so you can try as many dishes as possible.

Whether you’re exploring a misty plain studded with ancient temples in Bagan or cycling between tea plantations in the quaint hill town of Mae Hong Son, you’ll discover Myanmar offers unforgettable experiences. This once-troubled country has had a tourism resurgence, but you’ll still find a sense of mystery.

999 Shan Noodle House

This restaurant serves various types of Shan noodles at a reasonable price. It’s quite famous among tourists because of the quality of the food and the service. It’s located on 34th Street near Sule Pagoda.

It has a nice, clean environment and seems to have more tourists than locals. I tried their tea leaf salad and shan sticky noodles with oil dressing, which was really good! The fried tofu was also very tasty. They keep a stockpile of them by the register, so make sure to ask for one!

This hotel is the best option for those who want to experience a unique cultural adventure in Myanmar (Burma). It has an excellent location and offers great value for money. It has a variety of amenities, including free Wi-Fi and parking. The rooms are spacious and comfortable, with a large bathroom and balcony. They are also equipped with modern facilities, such as a flat-screen TV and DVD player.

Green Elephant Restaurant

With dishes that cross borders, Green Elephant Restaurant in Palo Alto’s Charleston Shopping Center offers a chance to try Burmese cuisine as well as a broad cross-section of traditional Chinese staples. Owners Christina Win and Michael Maumg tone down the fiery complexity of their menu as a concession to Midpeninsula sensibilities, but the food is nonetheless delicious. Servers are genuinely warm and helpful, and they accommodated my request for gluten-free soy sauce with aplomb.

Green Elephants Thai Vegan in Watkins Glen proves that vegetarian dining is not just ethical, it can be a culinary adventure.

Le Planteur

Sophisticated dining experiences are few and far between in Yangon, but Le Planteur stands out as a cut above the rest. This elegant establishment occupies a beautiful mansion by Inya Lake and serves up intricate fusion creations with Asian twists that are sure to delight the palate.

The restaurant was originally hidden away at the end of a bumpy lane, but it recently relocated to its present home on Kabar Aye Pagoda Road. It is still owned by the daughter of Mahn Ba Khaing, a school friend of Bogyoke Aung San Suu Kyi who bravely fought against Japanese forces and exerted tireless efforts for national solidarity and independence before being assassinated on 19 July 1947.