Awei Metta Yangon

The Awei Metta Yangon offers air-conditioned rooms with minibars and LCD TVs. The hotel also provides free WiFi and free breakfast. Guests can also use the fitness center. The hotel is located close to Inya Lake and the Yangon University. The property has 46 guestrooms, including some with balconies and outdoor spaces.

The Awei Metta Yangon is a 5-star hotel. However, many hotels are generous in their star ratings, so guests should check the amenities of the hotel before booking. A few amenities may be included in the room rate, but other amenities may not be available. You can ask for more information when booking, or call the hotel.

The hotel’s spa is also a plus. Guests can enjoy various wellness treatments at the spa, or relax in the gym. The hotel also has an outdoor pool. Tennis courts are also available for guests. The hotel has a restaurant with healthful cuisine. Guests can also enjoy fine cigars at the restaurant.