Holly Hotel

The Historic Holly Hotel is undergoing major repairs after the fire on June 21, which destroyed it. The building also sustained water damage. The owners are working with preservation and historic design experts to restore the building. They expect the hotel to reopen in June 2023. After the fire, the Holly Hotel will be open for business again.

The fire started at a clothes chute and quickly worked its way up the elevator shaft. The fire caused water damage and smoke damage. Multiple fire departments responded to the scene. Many firefighters came from different parts of the county to help. The firefighters suffered only minor burns and heat exhaustion. The damage will be assessed in 72 hours.

The Historic Holly Hotel has a stellar reputation in the area. The hotel was chosen as the dinner location for the George Bush Campaign Committee during their 1992 whistle-stop campaign, and every governor of Michigan has dined here since 1979. In addition, Joel Grey, a New York Times food critic, said the Holly Hotel is on par with any four-star restaurant in New York. In addition, the Detroit Red Wings have visited the historic hotel with the Stanley Cup during their championship years.

The Holly Hotel is located at 110 Battle Alley in Holly, Michigan. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980. It was originally known as the Hirst Hotel, after the hotel’s owner. Today, the Holly Hotel is a restaurant, but is still a landmark.